Exterminator For Bed Bugs… The Cost and Alternatives

Our office phones have been ringing off the hook and our exterminators who come in from the field always say…

‘People’s biggest question is… how much does a bed bug exterminator cost’

So we did a consultation with our bed bug exterminators and decided to share it with our clients and readers. In this consultation we are actually going to share our exterminators secret solution so you can get rid of bed bugs yourself.

Now if for any reason… you feel your bed bug problem is too large and need a professional.. and have the budget of $500 to $5,000. We will recommend some professionals close to your area. But for now… let me help you with your bed bug problem so you can at least take care of it yourself initially.

What A Bed Bug Exterminator Does

I will tell you the exact procedures what a bed bug exterminator does… but you can actually use the same procedures our pest experts use in the field.

1: Finding The Source:

Lets find the source of the problem. All our exterminators for bed bugs run down this Q&A list with their clients. You should do the same to understand where you think you may have gotten the problem. This will allow you to prevent future outbreaks and saving you quite a bit of money.

Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Has someone in the family been on a trip that required luggage?
  2. Do they regularly carry other bags (backpacks, etc.) that they may place under (or beside) chairs or seats?
  3. Where is luggage, (or baggage, backpacks, etc) typically placed when returning to the residence?
  4. Where is the luggage stored after emptying?
  5. Does the affected person sleep or rest for extended time on a couch (or another area) in the residence?
  6. Where are dirty clothes and bed linens placed, or stored?
  7. Does anyone else visit the residence with bags, a coat, or other items? (This question has been important for seniors residences and apartments)
  8. Where has the person visited in the past 6 months – place or places where they may have sat or rested for a time period? (This is a “long shot” question, but it has in the past revealed a key societal connection, and may be critical for prevention methods).
  9. What control measures were previously attempted?

Answers to the above questions will help determine the potential extent of the infestation and where inspections should start. Keep in mind, though, that these questions should not limit where you look!

While bed bugs are most commonly found in bedrooms, infestations can also occur in other rooms, including: bathrooms; living rooms; and laundry rooms.

 2: How Do Bed Bugs Look

These are documented bed bug cases where exterminators and bed bug sufferers took photos of these nasty critters. Study them below… sometimes we notice people get confused thinking they have fleas and not bed bugs. Then the problem turns out to get worse over time and they have a huge infestation… and possibly an expensive evacuation. But… I have a solution to avoid evacuations and throwing away valuables.

It’s a non pesticide bed bug solution.

Some Concerns With Being Bitten

You may be concerned now with the bites you either are seeing… or may get because you have bed bugs. First.. you need to relax, bed bug bites can get infected and hurt extremely bad but so far no disease transfer has been documented.

Now that you know what a bed bug looks like. You may be in a situation where you have bed bug bites. This is probably how you started to get some concerns. When you were sleeping, you noticed some biting or maybe when you woke up, you saw bites. Below is some great documentation we gathers that displays “how do bed bug bites look“.

But… what you should worry about most is the speed at which they spread. These bed bugs reproduce extremely quickly. As you probably are noticing since you could be seeing bites… each day that goes by, another few 50 to 100 bed bugs can hatch and reproduce.

Tools Exterminators Use

Again… I will state, you can get rid of your bed bugs yourself or you can have a professional. I will list the tools exterminators use below, but these are also tools you can easily acquire if needed to. In most cases, you can get by without them.

  1. Quality flashlight
  2. Thin blade spatula (a cake icing spatula is suitable)
  3. Screwdrivers and wrenches for dismantling items (e.g., the bed and cover plates to electrical receptacles)
  4. 10x magnifying glass
  5. Inspection mirror
  6. Carpet adhesive
  7. Garbage bags (for quickly containing infested items)
  8. Clear packing tape (for samples and sealing infested articles in bags),
  9. Staple gun with ¼” staples
  10. Vacuum cleaner that can use filter bags
  11. Bed Bug Bully (a pesticide exempt bed bug spray under FIFRA 25)

 Notice The Non Pesticide Solution…

Yes… their is a great solution for consumers now available. It was only available to large pest control companies. After a new license agreement and huge success of the pest companies due to the bed bug bully product. It is now released to consumers.

Let me be frank… this product is what many exterminators for bed bugs use and charge $1,000′s for as well as their expert advice. I do highly recommend to consult with a professional. We love bed bug exterminators and think they are worth every penny. We infact work very closely… but we understand their are two distinct clients.

One who wants to do the bed bug extermination themselves…

And the other who wants a professional.

If you are ready to do the extermination yourself, then you have to take a look at this amazing non pesticide bed bug spray called Bed Bug Bully.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Without Pesticides

Okay.. your probably like… wait NO PESTICIDES??

And I am going to answer you right back and say.. YEP!

The new product Bed Bug Bully which was released to the public (after being only offered to pest control companies) is now very much alive and in the press. Bed Bug Bully was a secret weapon for pest professionals… now after new license agreements with some very large companies. Bed Bug Bully creators are allowing consumers to get access to the non pesticide solution.

Here is why I would go with the non pesticide bed bug spray:

  • It’s a safe… non pesticide
  • Approved under FIFRA 25(b) as non pesticide (Government)
  • No need to evacuate… when using
  • No need to throw away valuables
  • Kills bed bugs and larvae.. and eggs!
  • Prevents future outbreaks (Huge $$ saver)
  • Being used by pest professionals

Video below of a customer who used the product.

Currently… the product is available to the public. I would recommend this in replacement of all other brands. Check out their special by clicking the link below.


Bed Bug Solutions The Press Love…

Don’t take my word for it. Check out the news stories about the product. It truly has an amazing story behind it. The product simply works and is being sold on Amazon, Sears, and many other retail outlets.

The web site is your best bet since you can receive a complimentary sample when ordering. Check out below the latest releases from reporters on this non pesticide exterminator for bed bugs.

Cleaning Products Get a Boost, MyCleaningProducts Uses Natural Ingredients ...
... offers a relaxing indoor and even outdoor atmosphere. Among the green cleaning products that MCP has to offer are for rust removal, mold remediation and pest-control. And specific examples of their products are Rusterizer, Molderizer and Bed Bug Bully.

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Bed Bugs Plagues Detroit Buses, Green Bean Buddy Suggests Use of Bed Bug Bully to Keep the Pests Away From Houses. PRWeb. Published 10:00 a.m., Thursday, July 5, 2012. Photo: PRWeb / AL. (PRWeb) ...
Bed Bug Advisory: Optical Chemical Reaches Out to Bed Bug Sufferers, Hotel ...DigitalJournal.com (press release)

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Bed Bug Season Starts, GreenBeanBuddy Suggests Use of Bed Bug Bully to ...
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A recent study said that bed bug activities are at peak during summer months. To help the public counter the pests safely, green cleaning site GreenBeanBuddy said that everyone should use the non-toxic Bed Bug Bully. Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) July 13 ...
Cost-Effective Bed Bug Treatment: Optimal Chemical Says the Use of Bed Bug ...Virtual-Strategy Magazine

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Guide To Identify Bed Bugs

Keep in mind, the company offers a bed bug bully buddy and professional guides to do your own bed bug extermination. In fact they give a very nice blueprint to go thru your entire home and checklist to inspect for bed bugs. Helping you discover the source of the problem to avoid future outbreaks.

Don’t Forget Your Complimentary Sample

I am not sure on how long the product will be available… but below is their special I found and what a few inside sources have used in the news. Be sure to activate your special soon. If you need any more help, please feel free to comment in the box below.


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